What is the BrainUp Center ?

The BrainUp center is a hub of certified professionals specializing in managing cognitive skills that underlie learning and brain performance. We diagnose the specific cognitive skills responsible for learning difficulties and certain disorders. Subsequently, we meticulously work in a personalized manner to enhance and cultivate the fundamental skill set that the brain employs for thinking, learning, reading, reasoning, and concentration in academic, professional, and everyday life contexts..

"80% of all learning disabilities are caused by weaknesses in certain cognitive abilities."

Docteur Ken Gibson

DrKen sig


Our mission is to help people of all ages and abilities who have difficulties with learning, concentration, information processing, reading, memory or behavior.

Our personalized training programs aim to correct the causes of these difficulties and disorders by strengthening essential cognitive processes quickly and sustainably.

What Sets Us Apart?

The majority of learning difficulties do not arise due to poor presentation of information and the need for repeated teaching. In 80% of cases, when an individual's learning skills are weak, learning becomes challenging regardless of how many times the information is taught or re-taught.

Tutoring and re-teaching, which aim to retransmit information that was not correctly understood and processed initially, do not provide a permanent solution. While these options can provide temporary support throughout a project or school year, learning will remain difficult if weak cognitive skills are not strengthened.

Moreover, some approaches merely focus on managing the symptoms of learning difficulties and specific disorders through behavior management or targeted academic content.

Our program is fundamentally distinct and unparalleled. It identifies the underlying "why" behind these difficulties and disorders, and subsequently addresses the root cause to eliminate the symptoms.

We achieve this by training and consistently reinforcing the cognitive skills that the brain utilizes for thinking and learning, with the goal of enhancing the speed and ease with which it processes information. Our program improves the brain's processing capacity, thus enhancing its overall performance, much like physical exercise benefits the body's physical capacities.




Because our program strengthens the cognitive skills used by the brain to think, read, learn, reason, remember and pay attention in all the learning situations of everyday life, people of all ages and ability levels work with us for a variety of reasons :

  • Students with scholar difficulties,
  • Individuals with learning difficulties,
  • Individuals with memory problems,
  • Individuals with concentration deficits (e.g. ADHD),
  • Individuals with dyslexia,
  • Individuals with mild forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder,
  • Individuals Affected by Brain Injury and Trauma,
  • People in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's diseases,
  • Individuals who want to think and learn faster and easier,
  • High Intellectual Potentials who want to maximize their abilities,
  • Seniors who want to stay mentally alert,
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their performance,
  • Companies seeking to enhance their employees' skill sets.


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